WIN $100 CASH!

Only Days to Practice!

Wednesday, June 12th 2012, 2030 EDT, USA

(0030 Thursday, June 13th 2012, GMT!)

To Win CASH You Need to Know How to Capture Fields!

"LAST MAN STANDING" to Win $100!
(2nd and 3rd Place Cash Prizes and Cool T-Shirts Too!)

Download your game. *Download will start automatically!

1) Upgrade your Brigade with FREE Defense Credits from the GET CREDITS link on the main Map screen. Get the best tanks and take at least one M5 Troop Carrier. You should have 3 tanks and one M5 in your Brigade!

2) Kill all the AI Tanks at a Field to Contest/Close the Field!

Kill the Enemy!

2) Use the Tac Map (F1) to Drag and Drop a Waypoint to move your M5 Troop Truck to the Contested Field! (Click on your M5 on the Tac Map and drag a waypoint to the destination you want the M5 to drive to!)

Press F1 to use the Tac Map to Move your M5 to the Contested Field!

3) Right Click on your M5 on the Tac Map. Transfer your Command to the M5

4) At the Contested Field HQ, Drop your Troops by Pressing the B Button when you are stopped next to the Round Building with the Radio Tower.

Drop Troops with the B Button

5) Field Captured and 1000 Points Won!

Field Captured and 1000 Points Won!

On Wednesday, May 16th 2012, at 2030 EDT, IENT will hold an M4 Tank Brigade Event for REAL CASH PRIZES!

You will have to win lots of points to WIN this event! Contesting Fields (Killing AI Tanks) and Capturing Fields are the only way to WIN BIG Points!

So Practice, Practice, Practice!

At 2030 EDT USA Time, on Wednesday May 16th 2012, we will run a 54 minute game for Defeating the Enemy in Team Points (Need to kill tanks and capture fields to Win!)

The Winning Team will be the Team with the most in-game points scored in that 54 minute Contest.

The Winning Team will then move to the ELIMINATION ROUND, with each player maneuvering and shooting to be the LAST MAN STANDING!

In the ELIMINATION ROUND, only ONE LIFE will be allowed! (But you can have Wingmen!)

All players will start at the same field in the ELIMINATION ROUND and at start, there will be a five minute ceasefire period for players to position themselves on the map.

At the ATTACK notice, all players are to kill all other players!


Second Place is $25 Cash! Third Place is $15 Cash. Four other players from the Winning Side will Win Cool WarBirds Tee Shirts!

(If there is No Winner at the End of the 60 Minute ELIMINATION ROUND, then we will reset with one tank and one M5 each for the remaining players and run a 30 minute Contest for points to determine the Winner!)

Come join us for this fun event to see if you can be the LAST MAN STANDING!

Set up TeamSpeak 3 .

Password: ient2011

If you have any problems, let us know! We'll help you get set up. Custsvc@ient.com

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