How to get Started with M4 Tank Brigade?

A Tutorial is part of your M4TankBrigade download. This Tutorial will explain all the controls of your vehicle, your combat map, including Airpower and Artillery.

Organize your Brigade!

  1. You begin with your Tank and one wingman!
  2. You also get 250 Defense Credits to purchase other wingmen or to upgrade your tank.
  3. On the bottom left of the Launch Screen you can see the list of Tanks and other vehicles.
  4. You will see the name of the vehicle, the Defense Level of the Vehicle, (Levels 1 to 5), the Price of the Vehicle in Defense Credits (DFC), and the Weapons Index (WI), which shows the relative Combat power of each vehicle.
  5. Decide if you want to spend some of your Defense Credits for more wingmen or better vehicles.
  6. Special Tip: Remember to capture a field, you must bring infantry troops and they are only available in the M5 vehicles. It is good to add an M5 to your Brigade as one of your wingmen so you can capture fields with your Brigade.

Launching into the Fight!

  1. Once you have chosen your Brigade, its vehicle, and all your wingmen, it is time to get into the fight!
  2. You are assigned colors for your team, Purple or Gold. You can change sides to the other color too! See the player color dropdown in the top left of the Launch Screen.
  3. Pick a field on the Map on the Launch Screen to start from.
  4. Click on the GO! Button on the bottom right of the Map in the Launch Screen.
  5. You will see your Combat Map open (use F1 to open and close) in the top left of your screen when you launch. Your position, in the center of the Tactical Map, is marked by the white circle with arrow pointing the direction of your tank.
  6. You can use your mouse wheel to zoom and unzoom the map.
  7. Find an enemy field to attack.
  8. Left click on your vehicle and drag a line to the point on your map you want your Brigade to move too.
  9. Special Tip: Zoom the Tactical Map so you can see each of your vehicles. Left click on each vehicle and send them to different positions as you move to your target. This way if you loose on vehicle to enemy fire, you can jump to another vehicle and continue the fight. (To change vehicles, just right click on the vehicle you want to move to and select “Transfer Command”.)

Driving and Shooting from your Tank!

  1. To Drive your tank you can use a joystick or the keyboard.
  2. On the keyboard, A, S, D, and W are using to drive your tank. A is Turn Left, S is Stop/Reverse, D is Right, and W is forward.
  3. Position 1 (Press Key 1) is the Driver Position where you should drive your tank when moving around the terrain.
  4. Position 2 (Press Key 2) to move to the Gunner Position.
  5. Use the Z key to Zoom your aiming reticle and V to Unzoom.
  6. You can move the aiming reticle with the Joystick or your mouse.
  7. Remember to elevate your gun as the targets are farther away.
  8. You may have to shoot at other tanks many times, depending on the distance, to hit your targets.

Closing Enemy Fields

  1. Move toward an enemy field by driving your tank with the keyboard or using the Tactical Map waypoint system.
  2. Use your Tactical Map to position each of your wingman for the attack hiding behind terrain where possible.
  3. As you approach an enemy field, the enemy normally launches from the field.
  4. You must kill all the enemy at a field to be able to capture the field.
  5. Use Artillery and Airpower to kill enemy tanks. Just right click on the enemy and choose Arty Barrage or Airstrike to hit the enemy. You have limited Arty and Airstrikes so use them well.

Capturing Enemy Fields

  1. Once you kill all the enemy at a field you may attempt to capture that field.
  2. In the text buffer on the bottom left of the main screen you will see the notice “Field XX may be captured by any color!” That field will be shown in gray on the Tactical Map.
  3. You must get your infantry troops to the closed field to capture the field.
  4. Drive an M5 with troops to the closed field. Get close to the field.
  5. You can also use the Tactical Map waypoint system to tell your M5 to go to a specific field. (If you send the M5 using the Map, you will have to transfer into the M5 using a right click on the M5 icon on the Tactical Map, and selecting “Transfer Command”.
  6. When you are in the M5, press the B button twice to send your troops to capture the field.

Levels, Ranks, and Earning Defense Credits

  1. To Organize your Brigade you may purchase vehicles with higher Weapons Index from the Vehicle List on the left side of the Launch Screen.
  2. You may only purchase vehicles in your current Level and up to 2 above your current Level.
  3. Your Level is determined by your ingame rank starting with Private (E-1) up to Full General (O-10).
  4. The more points you get ingame the faster your Rank and Level will go up.
  5. The Defense Credits required to purchase vehicles in your Levels are the lowest. As you go up in Levels you need to Earn additional Defense Credits or purchase them from the store. (Free during the Beta).
  6. Points can be traded for Defense Credits. Currently 10,000 in game points equals 100 Defense Dollars.
  7. Player Rank and Level are shown on the Launch Screen.
  8. Medals for special achievement will be found on the Hero Walls on the website.
  9. Special events will be held every week for players to get more Defense Credits by being on the winning Event side and for being in the top 10% of Points getters in the events.