Tips and Tricks for the M4 Tank Brigade Online

  • Upgrade your tank or buy more wingmen using your Defense Credits!

  • Press GO! to take your Brigade into Battle using your Tactical Map!

  • Right click on your tank on the Tactical Map and drag a waypoint to where you want to go. Press F1 for the Tactical Map.
  • Zoom the map and send individual wingmen to different positions by left clicking and dragging a waypoint.
  • Use A, S, D, and W to drive your Tank.
  • Use Key 2 to go to the Gunner Position, Key 1 to go to the Driver position!
  • Use Z and V to Zoom and Unzoom your view in the Gunner (key 2) position.
  • Close Enemy Fields by killing all the enemy tanks around an enemy field! Field color will turn gray when field is closed!
  • Capturing Enemy Fields by taking an M5 to the field and dropping troops with the B button!