Lobby and Battlespace


After logging into the M4 Tank Brigade Online game, you will see the Lobby.

From the lobby, you can see what the status of each BattleSpace is:

  • In Recess - The BattleSpace is between sessions currently.
  • In Progress - The BattleSpace currently has a game in play.
  • # of Players - This is the number of players in each BattleSpace.
  • Time Left - This is the amount of time remaining before the status of the BattleSpace is updated.

M4 Lobby


BattleSpaces are special arenas with specific maps. We have the following BattleSpaces:

  • Highlands BattleSpace
  • Lowlands BattleSpace
  • Winter BattleSpace
  • Desert BattleSpace


Another feature you'll see often in the Total Simulation Series games is the Arena. An Arena is a map that serves a specific function. During the Beta period, you'll find the following Arenas in the Lobby:

  • Capture the Flag Test
  • EASY Target Practice
  • EASY Field Capture

Playing in an EASY Arena, you will find the following differences than if you were playing in a BattleSpace:

  • You can't get shot.
  • Your scores do not count.
  • All human players are on the same side.